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Established 1980

About Us

Abbotts Valuers have provided their professional services to many of Australia's most prominent firms of Accountants, Architects, Banks, Engineers, Financiers, Insurers, Property Developers, Real Estate Agencies, Solicitors and Barristers, Surveyors, Town Planners as well as State and Federal Government Departments / Authorities however we do not ever act for Government Departments or Authorities in Statutory Acquisition or Resumption Matters. Our clients receive totally independent advice & service.

Because our clients rely on a guarantee of total confidentiality, names cannot be published, but they include, in addition to firms in the above categories, many captains of Australian industry, media personalities, colourful sporting and ethnic identities, as well as a number of politicians, including Federal and State M.P.'s, and we have provided services to both major Australian political parties.

We have provided services for every imaginable purpose, including valuations for mortgage security; pre-sale and pre-purchase assessments; statutory acquisitions and resumptions; lease and rental disputes and negotiations; objections to Statutory Assessments and Land Tax; valuations for a variety of insurance and related purposes; and specialising in valuations for litigation purposes i.e. for use in the Family Court, Land & Environment Court, and Local, Supreme and High Courts.

Valuers / Appraisers

  • Real Property (Freehold & Leasehold)
  • Corporations
  • Businesses

Property Advisers

  • Registered to value without limitation
  • All types of entities
  • Any value

Full members

  • Australian Valuers Institute
  • Australian Property Institute
  • Certified Practising Valuers


Abbotts Valuers have acted as valuers / appraisers and / or consultants for many thousands of freehold and leasehold owners, and occupants of all types of real property; for owners of corporations and registered businesses of all types and sizes and for many different purposes. We have provided services for every imaginable purpose.

The firm has also been called upon to value unusual subjects such as trees and other horticultural / landscaping features; and even sporting memorabilia and other collectibles.

1. Real Property
Torrens, strata, company and community titles; residential - houses of all types and sizes, apartment blocks, density developments, individual apartments, penthouses, home units, town houses, villa homes, flats; vacant land - en globo and fully developed estates; houses, apartments, units, condominiums, town houses, villas; commercial – shops, shopping centres, offices, towers, development sites, low and high rise; industrial - factories / warehouses / workshops; retail - shops / showrooms; rural - all types of farms, orchards, market gardens, broad acre grazing, vineyards and wineries; miners leases and occupancies; tourism / resort - time-share, villas, caravan parks, guest houses, homesteads; licensed premises - hotels, motels, taverns, restaurants, reception / function / convention centres and facilities; special uses – hospitals, medical centres, mobile home parks, marinas, dockyards, schools, nuclear facilities, botanical gardens, freeways, maritime and permissive occupancies; resumptions & acquisitions, statutory valuation objections - whole or part properties for acquisition or resumption by Local, State and Federal Government Departments / Authorities, and Statutory Land Valuation & Land Tax Objections.
2. Corporations & Business
Sale and purchase, pre-sale and pre-purchase assessments; mortgage / loan security; partnership / marriage dissolution; internal accounting, internal share / ownership transfers, and Public Company statutory reporting and prospectus requirements.
3. Professional Valuation Services
Mortgage / loan security; pre-sale and pre-purchase assessments; statutory acquisitions / resumptions, and tax / duty purposes; lease and rental disputes and negotiations; life estate / remainder interest; use in the Family Court of Australia, NSW Land & Environment Court, and also the Local, Supreme, District, Federal and High Courts; valuations for a variety of insurance and related purposes.

Corporate Profile

Business name

Abbotts Valuers, Incorporating Peter Phippen & Associates.

Nature of business

Valuers / Appraisers of Real Property (Freehold & Leasehold) and Corporations and Businesses; Property Consultants and Advisers. Member of the Australian Valuers Institute & the Australian Property Institute.


Peter Irwin Phippen, LFAVI, AAPI. Certified Practising Valuer, Certified Master Valuer, Property Consultant & Land Economist. Life Fellow of the Australian Valuers Institute. View CV.


Thomas Leon Phippen. View CV.


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